ECU Imports
a US Importer of luxury Champagne, Wines & Spirits
                                                  Service Rates
6 month minimum -  @ $1,000/month
        1 Year -  @ $   500/month
       +2 Years or More -  @ $   300/month

US Logistics is an Alternative and a Solution that allows an overseas winery and distillery to incubate and import a wine and spirits brand into the US.  The Logistic Alternative allows a supplier to focus their time and budget on sales and marketing while leaving the back office function in the hands of the experts at ECU Imports.  The US Logistics Alternative is the first step prior to selecting a US Importer, the difference between selecting a US Importer or Self Importing is in that the US Logistic Alternative Model allows the supplier and ECU Imports to verify and quantify if the suppliers brand has the potential of being sold in the US under the US 3-tier system applicable to all wine and spirit brands and in addition to having a continuous promotional and marketing campaign. 

The US Logistic Alternative is a supplier cost effective means of launching a new brand in the US.

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